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Our team consists of in-house staff and a huge army of freelance translators and other language specialists

Moteris dirba prie nešiojamo kompiuterio

Project Managers

Project managers supervise translation projects and take care of all matters associated with current jobs as well as maintain continuous communication both with clients and with language specialists.

Žmonių grupė dirba prie nešiojamų kompiuterių


Our translation team consists of experienced translators specializing in different fields and translating into their native language with the confidence of first-hand knowledge of respective country’s social and cultural peculiarities.

Įvairių tautybių žmonės liečiasi rankomis


Native editors take care of grammar and spelling mistakes, ensure consistency with the source text, and make the final translation stylistically appropriate and easy to read.

Žmogus rodo pirštu į nešiojamojo kompiuterio ekraną

Quality Specialists

Quality specialists evaluate the quality of the outgoing work in order to make sure that the translation complies with the client’s requirements and peculiarities of the target market.

Raudonu tušinuku redaguotas tekstas

We value professionalism and apply stringent selection criteria when recruiting language specialists. Suitability of translators and editors for a specific translation project is determined based on their education, expert knowledge, and qualification as well as their experience of similar projects. We believe that continuous improvement is the most important prerequisite to becoming a leader in one’s field, which is why we spare no expense in training our specialists and helping them advance their qualifications.


We strive to offer translation and interpreting services of the highest quality, so we only work with seasoned and qualified translators and interpreters who have suitable experience of subject areas they are contracted for. To make sure that our translations are compatible with peculiarities of the target market, we cooperate not only with translators trained in language disciplines, but also with IT specialists, physicists, doctors, engineers and other experts who have exceptional understanding of their line of work as well as substantial translation experience.

Our translators’ competencies include:

  • excellent command of their native and at least one foreign language
  • specialization in a certain field
  • understanding of cultural peculiarities and social and cultural environment of the target country
  • ability to effectively research available information
  • skillful use of computer-aided translation software

Our team of translators and interpreters consists of more than 250 specialists. We aim to work with the best, so we make every effort to select, test, and train competent translators and interpreters capable of ensuring the highest possible quality of the services we provide.

Recruitment process
How Do We Select Our Translators and Interpreters?

Translator and interpreter selection is based on the translation bureau requirements. We assess the candidate’s qualification, experience, accumulated knowledge, and ability to work with specialist texts

Translators are asked to do a test translation. In order to evaluate the candidate’s competence, they are offered a text corresponding to their specialist area. If the test is successful, a contract is signed between the bureau and our new talent.

Newly hired translators are offered only smaller scope jobs, which are carefully checked and analyzed by experienced language specialists.

Continuous cooperation begins after the translator has successfully completed several smaller scale projects to a high standard of quality.






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Tel.: +370 5 2075771

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Tel.: +370 697 95771
Tel.: +370 5 2075771

© 2019 UAB „BIRĖ“           Privacy Policy

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