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We translate all kinds of texts into 42 world languages. We carefully consider each job, regardless of scope or target language. Whether it’s a short single-page translation or a huge international project requiring exceptional attention, we can help. We have brought together a highly professional team of competent translators and experienced editors who produce high-quality translations.

We know that translations vary a lot from field to field and require appropriate expert knowledge and insight. This is why we carefully evaluate the nature of each project before assigning it to a translator who has the necessary education, experience, and specialisation. Whenever special insight is required, we consult with experts. Final quality and linguistic maturity of translations is in the hands of experienced editors.

To ensure translation accuracy, we use modern technologies, such as advanced translation and terminology management software, memory systems, and quality assurance tools, enabling consistent use of terminology and faster turnaround times with higher translation quality. This is particularly important when working with complex documents and highly technical materials of larger scope.

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Certification of Translations

Bureau Certification

  • Doesn’t cost you anything
  • Same day delivery
  • Certification with translator’s signature and bureau's seal
  • The bureau is liable for translation accuracy under Article 235 of the Republic of Lithuania Criminal Code

Certification by a Notary Public

  • One document - 1€
  • Delivery in 1 to 2 days
  • Certification with translator’s signature and bureau's seal
  • A notary public verifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature


  • One apostille - 15€
  • Service price - 5€
  • Delivery in 1 to 2 days
  • A notary public verifies the authenticity of seals applied to the documents and the identity of the person signing the documents as a language service provider
Vertimo lokalizavimo proceso iliustracija


Localisation is translation of a text into any language with adjustment to cultural, social, and legal features of the environment in which it is to be used. Text localisation requires careful consideration of peculiarities, traditions, and laws of the target area. We offer software and website localisation services and ensure accuracy of the translated text as well as its suitability for the target market.

Localisation is, first and foremost, a creative process that requires consistent cooperation between specialists from several fields because terms and expressions used in one language may have no meaning in another if translated literally. Our highly experienced team of translators and native localisation specialists will make sure your translation is suitable for its target market, i.e. compliant with a certain geographic and cultural environment regardless of whether it is intended for a small group of specialist or for a wider audience of an Internet website.


Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a common type of interpreting where the speaker makes pauses for the interpreter to render what was previously said in another language, i.e. the speaker and translator take turns in addressing the audience. Having expressed a complete idea or fragment the speaker makes a pause to allow the interpreter to say it in another language to meeting attendees or audience.
Consecutive interpreting is widely used in business negotiations and meetings with foreign guests, in small conferences and trainings. This type of interpreting doesn't require special equipment or booths. Depending on workload intensity and duration of the presentation this service may require one or two interpreters. Interpreters often take notes when listening to a speech in order to ensure accuracy.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most demanding. It requires special equipment with the interpreter working in an insulated booth. The presenter and the interpreter speak in parallel, their words only a few seconds apart. The presenter speaks without pausing and the audience hears the interpreter through headphones.
Simultaneous interpreting may also be carried out into several different languages by a larger team of interpreters. Simultaneous interpreting is needed in international events such as conferences, trainings, and seminars. This type of work requires exceptionally experienced and responsive interpreters of the highest caliber. Normally, simultaneous interpreting involves two interpreters taking turns every 20 minutes.

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We edit all kinds of texts, whatever their scope or nature. Our seasoned editors make sure that the translations we provide are grammatically and stylistically correct, easy to read, and compliant with the requirements of a specific language culture. To ensure the highest translation quality, texts are edited by native editors who are aware of lexical peculiarities as well as social and cultural features of their language. This is particularly important if translation is carried out by a non-native speaker of the target language.

When working with a translation the editor not only proofreads the text and corrects any grammar and punctuation mistakes but also compares it against the original text and ensures that the two are equivalent as well as checks the terminology used in the translation. If the translation is for a specialist text, the editor consults with experts in the respective field.


The transcribing procedure is carried out if the client wants to convert audio or video recordings into text. We transcribe seminars, trainings, conferences, public and private addresses.

Transcribing retains continuity, accuracy, and logicality of target information. Depending on circumstances, transcribing can be completely faithful to the source or it can be stylistically adjusted by removing unnecessary words, repeated phrases, etc. If necessary, the text can be made suitable for a specific audience. We work with different video and audio formats so you don’t have to convert your materials for transcribing. Transcribed texts can be translated into any other world language if necessary.

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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is preparation of texts for printing, which produces a translation layout corresponding to that of the original or to a design agreed in advance based on the visuals and text provided by the client. Desktop publishing uses special software, which enables creation of layouts in accordance with the client’s expectations.

Using advanced hardware experienced desktop publishers  can quickly and accurately prepare a text layout by carefully arranging textual and visual information in a logical manner while observing the intended structure and proportions. This is particularly relevant when translation is done on manuals, catalogs, and advertisement brochures that use images, diagrams, tables, schematics, or other visual information.

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Tel.: +370 697 95771
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